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Lights, Blinds & Shades: Lutron Does Them Best!

When It Comes to Lighting Control & Motorized Window Treatments, There Is No Name Like Lutron!

Lights, Blinds & Shades: Lutron Does Them Best!

Whether they are rolling up, rolling down, or staying put, motorized window treatments play a critical role in optimizing every technology system in your home. No matter where you look, they are there, making life easier and more efficient from the backyard to the media room. 

At Impact Home Technology, we partner up with Lutron to bring our clients in Rehoboth, DE, the latest in lighting and shading control systems, making life easier and more efficient for you and your loved ones. 

Read on to learn why there is no name like Lutron when it comes to motorized blinds and shades and what the industry standard in window treatments means for your smart home.

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Why Motorized Shades?

What are the advantages of smart motorized shades over traditional and store-bought window treatments? Well, where to begin? First, there is the unparalleled degree of control that you get, as well as the convenience of operating every window treatment at home from your phone or a smart interface. Then, consider the ease of integration and automation of smart shades with other devices, allowing for increasingly complex technology systems that cater to your every command. Finally, think of the beauty and luxury of your new windows!

When it comes to smart window treatments, Lutron stands alone at the top, being the industry standard in control, integration, and luxury for shades, blinds, and lighting control systems. But exactly what can you expect from Lutron’s products?

Beauty, Wellness & Efficiency 

Designed to be seen, the Palladiom Shading System is Lutron’s top-of-the-line family of motorized window treatments, offering luxury and convenience alongside cutting-edge engineering. What are some of the advantages of going straight for the top shelf? With exposed aluminum brackets and dozens of designer fanatics to choose from, Palladiom shades will match any design and decor. They also integrate seamlessly with devices from most leading brands, opening the window (pun intended) to highly efficient lighting and climate control systems. 

Best of all and often overlooked is the role that Lutron shades play in leading to better health and overall wellness for everyone in your home. For example, by integrating shades and tunable lights, you can select from pre-programmed lighting scenes, each one set to optimize a space and the activities performed within. 

If a smarter, more efficient home sounds like something in your future, Lutron products are worth further consideration. Contact us to learn more about their shades and how we can install and program them for you.