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Add Style, Security, and Control to Your Home with Motorized Shades

Experience true luxury and comfort with motorized window treatments

Add Style, Security, and Control to Your Home with Motorized Shades

Do you love the natural glow of sunlight in your rooms? While standard window treatments give you some control of natural lighting in your home, they don’t offer as many benefits as motorized shades. With a single press of a button on an intuitive interface, you enjoy complete, remote control over the motorized window treatments.

In addition, smart shades come in many styles and colors. And the cordless design blends seamlessly with the home décor, enhancing the appeal and creating a stylish outlook. Read on to discover all the benefits that a motorized shading system can bring to your home in Selbyville, DE. 

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An Aesthetically Pleasing Addition

Before getting into some of the less-obvious aspects of motorized window treatments, let’s first discuss the aesthetic appeal they add to your home. The shade fabric can be customized to match your home’s interior. So, you never have to settle for a shade that doesn’t quite fit your design motif. Instead, select from a wide range of fabric types and designs to complement the décor. Also, the contemporary design of the wall switches and control panels adds a modern flare. 

Enhances Security and Privacy

Although you may enjoy people admiring your home, you don’t want it to be an open invitation for anyone to see inside. With a motorized shading system, simply press a single button to lower the shades and increase privacy at home. 

But that’s not all motorized window treatments can do. When you schedule the shades to operate at particular times, they raise and lower automatically. You can even make it appear as if you’re home even when you’re away. This helps keep intruders at bay, ultimately boosting home security

Smart and Simplified Control 

Giving commands to the shading system only requires a single button press. But the control goes beyond raising and lowering shades. Instead, you can also control the amount of sunlight that enters your home during the day. With dual fabric shading systems, one shade helps you achieve a soft glow while maintaining privacy. The other fabric blocks out sunlight completely - the perfect solution for home theaters and bedrooms. There’s also the option of customizing control panels to adjust shades according to scenes for added convenience. 

Are you ready to experience the convenience, luxury, and style of motorized shades? Impact Home Technology is here to help! Get started on your project today by giving us a call at 410-219-3095. You can also reach out to our qualified team with any queries by filling out an easy online contact form. We can’t wait to work with you.