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Looking for smarter ways to improve the safety of your property? Here’s everything you should know about home security cameras.

Q&A: Learn the Basics of Home Surveillance

We Explore Types of Home Security Cameras, Monitoring Solutions & More

Q&A: Learn the Basics of Home Surveillance

Home surveillance systems have come a long way from bulky, low-resolution imaging to sleek, smart cameras featuring 4K resolution and more. If you haven’t updated your current home surveillance system—or don’t have one at all—now is the perfect time to look for the right solution for your home in Ocean City, MD.

But finding the right home security cameras and monitoring solutions can be daunting when you don’t know what you’re looking for. To help make the process easier, our team at Impact Home Technology has answered some of your common questions covering types of security cameras, best monitoring practices, and more. Find all our answers below.