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Lutron Motorized Shades for Every Room of Your House

Enhance Your Smart Home with Stylish and Convenient Shading Solutions

Lutron Motorized Shades for Every Room of Your House

Lighting is a crucial part of a home’s aesthetic and a person’s well-being. A proper lighting design can make you feel more alert and productive, and natural light has many benefits to help you keep your body and mind healthy. Lutron has various shading solutions to suit any room’s lighting needs and style. From roller shades to drapery, find the right fit for your Bishopville, MD, home with Lutron motorized shades.

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Media Room

In a media room or home theater, lighting is a crucial element of your content watching experience. In order to set the right cinema mood and create a fully immersive experience, you should have full control to dim your lighting or turn them off completely as needed.

Lutron has room-darkening honeycomb and roller shades available. They work to filter out all light, keeping your room dark and equipment protected. When opened, roller shades roll up into a cylinder while honeycomb shades neatly fold. They are both effective for blocking light, and Lutron’s whide variety of fabrics and materials allow you to choose which shading solution best matches your media room design.


Lutron motorized drapery is a great shading solution for the bedroom. Its soft, stylish design can complement the other bedroom linens and provide complete privacy when closed. When using a straight track, you can have dual drapery tracks. The external drapery can be a darker color that blocks out more light and gives more privacy, while the curtain closest to the window can be sheer, letting in more light to cast your bedroom in a soft glow. 

Kitchen and Dining Room

Blinds are a great addition to any kitchen or dining room, allowing you to control the amount of natural light and privacy you want. Lutron’s sheer fabric blinds let soft light to filter even when closed while still allowing privacy and protecting furniture from UV rays. Lutron’s wood blinds let almost no light in when closed, giving total privacy. Both Lutron’s blind offerings have precision open/close and tilt, so every vain is aligned for a sleek, clean look.

Benefits of Lutron Shades

Lutron revolutionizes a smart home’s lighting with its shade and artificial light products. All shades can be paired with their lighting solutions via sensors to perfectly balance your home’s natural and artificial light. Using natural light saves energy, saving you money on your utility and decreasing your carbon footprint.

You can pair up Lutron with many smart home automation systems, seamlessly allowing you to control your shades on the same dashboard that you can manage your security system, home entertainment, and thermostat. No matter your lifestyle or home’s aesthetic, Lutron has a the perfect lighting solution for you!

Contact Impact Home Technology today if you’re ready to upgrade your Bishopville, MD, home’s shading solution. Our team of professionals will help you turn your coastal Maryland house into your dream smart home. We are looking forward to hearing from you!