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Enjoy Incredible Sound at Home without Seeing the Speakers

James Loudspeaker and JL Audio Deliver the Highest Performing Speakers and Subwoofers

Enjoy Incredible Sound at Home without Seeing the Speakers

Installing a whole-home audio system brings music to every corner of your Rehoboth, DE, home. Whether streaming music, listening to an album, or tuning in to your favorite podcast, the sound fills the air.

Of course, the audio is only as good as the high-end speakers that produce the sound. At Impact Home Technology, we partner with the best-in-class brands that have long been considered the top in their field for creating sound that causes you to be still and listen—the kind of sound that takes your breath away.

Two of these brands are James Loudspeaker and JL Audio. Discover these luxury brands below.

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James Loudspeaker

Established in 1999, James Loudspeaker has become a world leader in high-performance speaker solutions known for flawless sound reproduction, innovative design, and quality craftsmanship. The company’s first-of-their-kind products include ultra-slim soundbars, small aperture speakers, and aluminum enclosers.

Small Aperture Speakers

Small aperture speakers are barely-visible high-performance architectural speakers with a powerful compact subwoofer and a high-frequency module. Our certified technicians mount these speakers in the wall or in the ceiling, with just one tiny exposed opening. Detailed bass notes and even dispersion result in unrivaled sound quality. Cover these small 3” or 4” openings with painted grilles that match the color of your surfaces or with the same material your surfaces are made of for a truly hidden appearance.

On-Wall Marine-Grade

James Loudspeaker’s on-wall marine-grade speakers deliver crystal-clear sound with minimal visual impact for your outdoor spaces. The sleek, under-eave compact design integrates into any outdoor environment. Crafted out of aircraft-grade aluminum, the speakers deliver silky-smooth tones in response to high-excursion proprietary woofers and ultra-low distortion titanium dome tweeters.

The brand also offers several compact ceiling and wall speakers that create the surround sound audiophiles demand and define integrated home theater and whole-home audio systems. Architectural in-ceiling speakers disappear from view, while prominent retrofit speakers integrate seamlessly into the ceiling.

Their wall speakers also come in different forms, catering to a home’s unique design elements. Speakers may hide inside the walls, lay flush against the wall, or make a statement with a surface mount.

JL Audio

Formed in 1975, JL Audio started by dominating the car audio scene. Eventually, subwoofers featuring several patented technologies introduced homeowners to the dynamic bass that became recognized worldwide for producing distinctive audio in cinema and music.  

While quality subwoofers are known for their massive size, JL Audio has transformed that notion with compact, well-built, extremely powerful subwoofers. Some lines disappear into your walls, while others fade into ceilings. When used in home theater installations, media rooms, and open living areas, these subwoofers make a significant difference in sound quality. In addition, one subwoofer can support multiple ceiling speakers.

To get the most out of your dedicated home theater or whole-home audio requires strategically placed, high-performance products. Because of our commitment to providing best-in-class service and partnering with brands that deliver top-quality equipment, we're recognized as a leader in A/V and home technology design and installation in our area.

To learn more about how these brands can change your audio experience, or for a complimentary consultation, contact our team here or send us a message in the live chat box below.

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