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5 Benefits of Custom Home Theaters

Home Theaters Offer a Superb Cinematic Experience Unrivaled by Movie Theaters

5 Benefits of Custom Home Theaters

Are you considering taking the plunge and installing the home theater you’ve been dreaming about? As the top-rated custom home theater installers in Rehoboth, DE, we know all about dreams coming to life. However, what surprises many clients is how a custom-designed theater can transform homes and lives, from time spent together with family and friends to the ultimate enjoyment without leaving the house.

Let’s take a look at the benefits found in a custom home theater. 

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Sound and Picture That Surpass Cinematic Viewing

Many clients think that they’ll be giving up some quality in acoustics and images when they opt for the comfort and convenience of a home theater. On the contrary, today’s home theaters can surpass the cinematic experience

The layout of the room, furniture placement, and reverberation are all considered when our certified technicians plan the acoustics. In addition, we ensure that the sound is unified—that every seat experiences the same surround sound that brings a movie to life. 

Crystal-clear images are achieved by today’s high-tech 4K and 8K TVs and projectors that can fill a wall with picture-perfect clarity or a smaller screen for a more intimate setting. We'll position the equipment and develop a seating arrangement so that all guests experience balanced, unobstructed images that envelop and transport them to worlds away. 

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Most movie theaters offer the latest blockbusters, leaving many moviegoers nostalgic for the films and series they loved long ago or the new acclaimed indie blockbuster that doesn't make it mainstream. Today's streaming services mean you can select from Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, and many more content platforms that provide binge-worthy shows, from documentaries and classics to original content and more.

Enjoy Technology

While some homeowners may feel intimidated by technology, smart home technology today makes movie theater viewing as easy as one touch of a button or a voice command. Sound, picture, lighting, and more can be controlled with just a tap on a touchscreen or remote! In addition, integrating all technology within an automation system enables you to pre-set scenes, like “movie night.” Tap the scene, and the lights dim while the picture and sound begin.

Furniture of Your Choosing

For those of you with a propensity for design, this may be one of your favorite benefits. If you've been dreaming about your home theater for long, you've probably envisioned several different seating and design layouts. Whether contemporary, chic, or classic elegance, we can bring it to life. 

Some of our clients prefer the tiered chair approach, while others love the idea of lounging on large sectionals. Our certified experts will make sure you know all the possibilities before coming up with the design best suited for you and your family.

Increase Your Home’s Value

Not only does a well-designed custom home theater with quality components increase your home's value, but it also is part of a larger trend that ensures interest should the day come when you put it up on the market. The New York Times reported that an apartment in Brooklyn sold for about $250 more per square foot than the surrounding units because it had a home theater.

Are you ready to create the custom home theater of your dreams? Impact Home Technology’s reputation as a leader in custom home theater design and smart home automation has made us top in our field. For a complimentary consultation, contact Impact Home Technology today. 

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