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2 Speaker Systems that Offer Big Sound without Sacrificing Space

Enjoy Impeccable Audio with Ceiling Speakers that Are Heard, Not Seen

2 Speaker Systems that Offer Big Sound without Sacrificing Space

You spend a lot of time and money uniquely styling your living space, whether on your own or with a dedicated interior designer. It’s no wonder many homeowners prefer audiovisual technologies that are unobtrusive and concealed so as not to disturb their home décor.

Today’s TV displays feature a variety of camouflage solutions, such as motorized lifts that reveal your TV at your command, or frame and mirror TVs that pose as beautiful artwork when not in use. But what about speakers? Read on to learn about two ceiling speakers that offer big sound without taking up any room in your Lewis, DE home.

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Invisible Speakers by Stealth Acoustics

Audiophiles and casual listeners alike were once subjected to big, bulky speakers if they desired high-quality sound in their home. Fast forward to today, and technological advancements have revolutionized the way we enjoy high-fidelity audio.

Our team works with Stealth Acoustics, which offers a beautiful line of expert-grade invisible speaker solutions that eliminate the need for box-type external speakers and subwoofers. Installed behind walls and surfaces, the Stealth Acoustics invisible speakers and subwoofers are perfect for passionate music listeners who seek impeccable audio performance but desire the aesthetic benefits that only come with truly invisible speakers.

Stealth Acoustic’s line of invisible speakers offers comprehensive coverage and ultra-smooth extended frequency response, which makes any of their speakers and subwoofers an excellent choice for a highly reliable and incredible sounding audio system. Choose from a variety of full-range models and subwoofers to craft any soundscape you desire, whether that’s in a dedicated space or throughout your entire home.

Small Aperture Speakers by James Loudspeaker

Our team also works with James Loudspeaker, which offers barely visible ultra-high-performance Small Aperture architectural speakers specifically designed to redefine the concept of a home décor-matching entertainment system.

Inside each Small Aperture speaker is a powerful and compact subwoofer, coupled with a module that handles both mid-range and high-range frequencies. Experience detailed bass that reaches down to 38Hz and an even dispersion of sound that covers both large and small areas of your home.

The Small Aperture speaker series can be mounted either in your ceilings or walls, leaving just a small opening exposed to the listener. Cover the opening with a variety of custom-finished solutions offered by James Loudspeaker, such as wood, drywall, and more that install flush with your surfaces and perfectly blend in with your smart home.

Whether you choose invisible ceiling speakers by Stealth Acoustics or barely visible ceiling speakers by James Loudspeaker, both solutions enable you to wirelessly connect your favorite audio directly from your smartphone, tablet, or keypad for intuitive and instant listening enjoyment. Stream the same playlist throughout your entire home or switch it up and play a different song in each room that has connected speakers.

Transform the way you enjoy your favorite media with speaker solutions that offer stunning sound without disrupting your home spaces. We can help you get started! Contact our team here or send us a live chat below to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to assisting you.

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