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Enhance Your Lifestyle With Elan Home Systems

Live Better With Sophisticated Control That Simplifies Your Daily Routines

Enhance Your Lifestyle With Elan Home Systems

Your home reflects a personal vision and lifestyle, from decor to outdoor entertaining. Elan home systems furnish convenience and luxury that enhances and even anticipates your needs from a single unified platform.

Whether you desire whole-home wellness through climate control and circadian-based lighting or the thrills of superior home entertainment, Elan is a home automation system that makes it all possible. And the team at Impact Home Technology is passionate about understanding your expectations and designing a home ecosystem that is sophisticated, intuitive, and personalized to you. 

Do the possibilities for your Ocean City, MD home intrigue you? Then continue reading below to discover more.

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Your Entertainment, Your Way

Movies and music are central elements of family life; the home theater and media room are where we gather to watch the news, escape into a song, or find inspiration from films. Home automation technology makes it easier than ever to access your favorite content from any room at any time. 

Elan's media distribution delivers 4K ultra-high-definition video and audiophile-quality audio over a network with a simple category cable. Now you no longer need 'miles' of expensive bundled thick copper cable to enjoy the finest content from around the world. 

Accentuate The Outdoors

The ability to entertain outdoors is one of the luxuries of homeownership; being in the fresh air with open skies above you accentuates every moment. Imagine arriving home to a jacuzzi ready to soak in with lighting that soothes the soul and music to lift your spirits. 

Light For Life

Smart home automation has the power to create an ecosystem that anticipates the proper lighting and temperature, making you happier and healthier. 

Lighting has a transformative effect on how well you live, work, and rest. Tunable lights work to furnish you with the right balance of natural and focused task lighting, keeping your circadian rhythms in balance. 

While the health benefits of sunlight are clear, too much of a good thing beaming through your windows can make rooms stuffy and overheated. Window treatments are more than a way to provide the final fit and finish to a room, and motorized shades allow you to control the type and intensity of light entering your home. 

Safe And Secure

Enjoying your home includes knowing that people and property are safe and secure. Elan, part of the Nortek Control family, offers enterprise-grade technologies. With a simple swipe, you can monitor every entrance with HD quality surveillance cameras, set alarm status, and provide access to tradespeople and deliveries when you are not home. 

Home, Built Around You!

An automated home lets you live free of constraints from a single app. Are you ready to have a house built around you? Call us at 410-219-3095 or fill out our online questionnaire to start the conversation.