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Improve Peace of Mind While Traveling with Smart Home Surveillance

An Elan Home Surveillance System Protects People and Property

Improve Peace of Mind While Traveling with Smart Home Surveillance

Your Salisbury, MD home is the place where you can unwind with your family and put your mind at ease. A smart home provides luxury and conveniences that enhance your life, making it easier and more comfortable to enjoy the results of your hard work.

A home surveillance system offers the freedom of knowing that your property and the people you love are protected. Yet, regardless of your neighborhood, the potential threat of intruders exists. An Elan home surveillance system actively detects and deters whether you are at home or away.

If you’re planning more travel this year, learn how a personalized Elan system can give you a newfound sense of safety. Continue reading below to find out more. 

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Elan’s award-winning smart home technology empowers your daily life with effortless control of climate, shades, music, lighting, and more. An Elan system also gives you access to the same security technology used by national corporations and telecoms. With the reliability of over 4 million installations, Elan systems ensure greater peace of mind by allowing you to keep an eye on all aspects of your home, whether you’re at the corner store or halfway around the world.


Video surveillance enables you to view your entire property, from the pool area and backyard to the garage and entrances. Day or night and in nearly any weather condition, you see everything in crisp, high-quality detail. In addition, Elan’s advanced IntelliVision analytics provide personalized alerts and status information. Track the movement of individuals inside or out and access HD-quality recordings via an app on your smartphone or tablet.

Law enforcement specialists note that a well-lit exterior deters many would-be interlopers from approaching a home, with no shadows to hide within. Sensor and motion-activated lights as part of your Elan system can illuminate side entrances, windows, and other areas once movement is detected to help keep intruders at bay and notify you of potential danger.


Your doorways and entrances are commonly used spaces. You use them to greet delivery people, guests, and your children. However, managing access while you’re away on vacation or at the local supermarket can be challenging.

DIY video doorbells have recently become ubiquitous, and while they do provide service as advertised, they have glaring security issues. Elan’s video intercoms are a smarter doorbell. The units incorporate proximity sensors, instant remote access to video, and top-flight network security, which lack in consumer solutions. Remotely provide entry for your children when they forget their keys or user codes, manage access for trades workers, or open the mudroom for a delivery person—no matter where you are.


Enjoy a safer, more integrated home and enjoy greater peace of mind as you travel this season. Are you ready to consider a more comprehensive security system? Call us at 410-219-3095, fill out our online questionnaire, or message us in the chat box below to get the conversation started.

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