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Is It Time to Create the Home Theater of Your Dreams?

Let Our Team Help You Experience the Ultimate in Visuals and Sound

Is It Time to Create the Home Theater of Your Dreams?

Have you been browsing websites that offer pictures of famous home theaters or scanning Pinterest photos for different designs and elements that make up a stunning home theater? At Impact Home Technology, we help our clients in Lewes, DE, create the home theater system of their dreams—turning it from a vision to reality with some of the finest electronic equipment in the industry.

So, keep looking and dreaming, and then let's talk. Below are a few of the essentials we'll be discussing as we bring your dream to life.

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An Immersive Viewing Experience

While a high-end movie theater offers the surround sound experience and large screen that engulfs you, it also comes with kids talking in the front row and people chomping popcorn next to you. With today’s home automation and A/V technology, our certified technicians can create a home theater that surpasses the cinematic experience. 

First, our team will look at your room options and discuss your vision and budget. Then, we’ll get down to the specifics. For example, are you envisioning a full screen that takes up a whole wall? Depending on the size of the room, we may suggest a flexible 4K HDR ultra-short-throw projector or a Sony long-throw4K HDRprojector designed for high-end dedicated home theaters. 

You may also be considering a more intimate experience that includes a large screen TV and comfy loungers rather than traditional theater seats. In that case, Sony’s OLED 4K TVs deliver the ultimate viewing experience you’re looking for. Enjoy crystal-clear detail, with colors that seem to pop from the screen. You’ll feel like you’re in the story rather than watching from afar.

Surrounded in Sound 

Of course, the image is only half of the movie experience. It’s the surround sound that captures you in the moment and immerses you in the movie experience. To accomplish this, we install in-wall speakers, in-ceiling speakers, and audio gear that support today’s 3D surround sound formats, like Dolby Atmos, to create the sensation of sound moving above and around you. You'll hear the plane flying overhead and cars passing you from left to right as they zip down the street.

Combined with ELAN Home Automation

ELAN smart home automation is a premier luxury solution for homeowners who want personalized control of their technologies. ELAN's simple interface on multiple devices lets you easily control your home entertainment. Use a universal remote, wall-mount touchscreen, or mobile app to activate a personalized movie scene that lowers your screen, turns on your home theater system, dims the lights, and adjusts the room temperature to create the perfect movie-viewing environment.

Are you ready for an unmatched movie-watching experience at home? Let our team of seasoned home theater designers and smart home integrators help you achieve your dreams. To learn more about our home theater projects or to schedule a free consultation, fill out our contact form or send us a chat below! 

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