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Protect Your Home 24/7 with Home Surveillance That Never Rests

There Are Many Reasons to Invest in Home Surveillance beyond Preventing Burglaries

Protect Your Home 24/7 with Home Surveillance That Never Rests

Home surveillance systems are a popular feature in Rehoboth, DE properties. Who doesn’t want to do everything possible to protect their home, which holds not only all their possessions but also the people they love most? Keep your family and valuables safe with a home surveillance system that offers round-the-clock monitoring, alerts sent right to your phone, and much more.

Need reasons to be convinced that a smart home surveillance system is right for you? Read on.

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You Take Extended Vacations

People take vacations all the time, but burglars know that the holiday season is especially popular for leaving homes unattended. This could put your property in danger if you don’t have a security plan in place. With a smart security camera installation, you can check on your entire property right from a mobile app, no matter where you are. Watch live footage of packages being delivered or the house sitter coming in to water the plants. You can have peace of mind knowing that your home is being watched, even when you’re away.

You’re Having Visitors Staying for a While

Holidays are a time for family get-togethers, which could mean hosting relatives from out of town. With so many people coming and going, a smart surveillance system can help you let in the right people at the right time, even if you’re out shopping for some last-minute gifts or groceries.

For example, if you have a video doorbell as part of your surveillance system, you’ll receive an alert to your smartphone when someone is at the door. Live surveillance footage will appear on your smartphone, and you can see, hear, and communicate with them right away. When your smart door locks are part of your system, you can remotely unlock the front door from the same app to let your guests in, and then lock the door behind them.

You Order Packages Frequently

With more people than ever shopping online, there’s an increase in porch package theft. This can happen to anyone, no matter where they live. If you’ve ever had something stolen off your porch while you were at work, especially during the holiday season, you know how frustrating that is. But having a home surveillance system in place can help deter potential thieves eyeing your property for merchandise.

Once your package is delivered, you’ll receive a notification that a package was left on your porch. Check your surveillance footage to confirm the package delivery, then call the neighbor to hold your package for you while you’re gone. If something does get stolen, you’ll have crystal-clear footage to show to the authorities when making a report.

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