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3 Advantages of a Smart Home Surveillance System

Discover How a State-of-the-Art Security System Keeps Your Family Safe

3 Advantages of a Smart Home Surveillance System

Is your home safe and sound? Nothing is more important than a safe and healthy family, as well as a secure home. Whether you are single, newly married, married with children, or an empty nester, it’s a smart idea to have a smart home surveillance system. Today’s thieves have become more tech-savvy. That’s why it’s essential to have a system that outsmarts even the smartest burglars.

By installing an advanced home surveillance system at your home in Rehoboth, DE, you’ll make intruders think twice about stepping foot on your property. Read our blog to discover three advantages of having smart home security.

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1. Smarter Surveillance Cameras

Today’s security cameras are more than “just cameras.” Put aside any thoughts you may have of bulky, unattractive, and unintuitive video recorders. Instead, the newer smart products are sleek, state-of-the-art, and powered by artificial intelligence. Think Terminator, but without all the destruction. Using AI technology, video analytics, HD imaging, and even full-color nighttime video, they pose a significant threat for any sneaky intruder.

Some models even use thermal imaging. The cameras detect heat, which means an intruder has nowhere to hide. Most smart surveillance cameras also come with pan, zoom, and tilt features, two-way audio, and long-range capabilities.

But that’s not all! The cameras and recorders also use advanced analytics to recognize faces, vehicles, and objects. So, you can set the system to alert you when an event occurs on your property, such as “package delivery,” “person in the yard,” and “children home from school.” You’ll also be able to search using various terms when reviewing recorded footage.

2. Remote-Control Doors and Locks

Did you lock the front door or close the garage door? When you’re at work, it’s something that can bug you all day. Or, perhaps, you’ve gotten into bed for the evening. Instead of getting up, check the system. By looking at your smart home tablet or smartphone, you’ll see the current state of all your doors and locks. Then, simply touch a button on your mobile device to lock and close all the doors.

At the same time, most smart locks take care of themselves. Automatic door locks make it easy for you to have a home that is always secure. Not only can you control them remotely, but your locks know at what times to engage. So, you’ll never worry about an unsecured door. Add an access control system, such as keypads or even fingerprint technology, and you’ll have a home that is always secure. No chance of any crook picking a lock.

3. Seamless Integration with Your Smart Home

The best part about a home security system is that you can integrate it with your smart home. It makes monitoring your property so easy. Let’s say you and your spouse are watching a movie in your home theater, but you want to make sure the kids are sound asleep. Open up your smart home app, and check the security cameras.

Maybe you’re cooking dinner, and someone rings the doorbell. Instead of stopping what you’re doing, check the doorbell camera. You can also communicate with the person with the two-way audio system. As you’re getting ready to turn the lights off for the evening, scan your entire property through the outdoor surveillance cameras to make sure all is well. A home surveillance system interfaced with smart home control provides a convenient way to control all security features on your property.


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