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How Motorized Shades Help Balance Mental and Physical Wellbeing

Motorized shades are capable of so much more than blocking harmful, distracting sunlight from your Ocean City home.

How Motorized Shades Help Balance Mental and Physical Wellbeing

We all know that health is important, and part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle means eating right, regular physical activity, and a full night’s sleep. You may be surprised to learn that motorized window shades can play a part in facilitating physical wellness, too. 

Quiet, hands-free, and simple to use, Impact Home Technology offers smart shades in a variety of colors, styles, and textures that both complement your Ocean City, Maryland home and help adjust your body’s circadian rhythms. 

Read on to learn more about why these shades are a necessity for health and wholeness.

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Lighting That Works With Your Body

Since the dawn of humanity, our sleep cycles aligned with the natural rising and setting of the sun. With the advent of electricity, this natural process was manipulated with the means to work longer into the night and sleep longer into the day. While this isn’t necessarily a bad thing, too much harsh, artificial light can be harmful to our bodies over time. From messing with our sleep cycles to causing headaches and eye strain, there are better ways to use light

Motorized shades can be adjusted in a variety of ways to allow as much natural light into a room as possible. You can program them to rise with the sun every morning, and slowly lower with the setting of the sun at the end of each day. This is a simple way to “reset” your body to align with a more natural cycle.

Guard Against Harmful UV Light

Being inside is a good way to protect yourself from harmful UV rays. But depending on how much sun your home gets, especially if you have large windows, you and your furniture could be at risk of too much sun exposure. Not only that, too much sunlight can overheat your home to the point of discomfort. But motorized shades can improve your wellbeing with different lighting options that include translucent and sheer material, allowing you to still enjoy natural light with none of the damaging side effects. 

Get A Better Night’s Sleep

Humans need light to be healthy, but darkness has its place too. Keep artificial light out of your bedroom with the blackout shades: a simple way to “tell” your body that it’s now rest time. Your mind and body will feel the difference that comes with better sleep! Have a hard time keeping to a regular sleep cycle? Schedule these blackout shades to close at the same time each day to encourage a better routine. 

Upgrade Your Window Shades Today

Ready to improve your health by replacing your ordinary window shades with smart ones? Contact Impact Home Technology today to learn more. We can’t wait to work with you.

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