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Enjoy Hassle-Free Control with Lutron Motorized Blinds

Why Smart Window Treatments are a Smart Choice for Your Home

Enjoy Hassle-Free Control with Lutron Motorized Blinds

Wireless technology is all around us. Our phones, computers, TVs, and smart home technologies all run on it. By touching a button, we can control just about every technology in our homes without flipping a switch or moving from our seats. But there’s one technology that you may not have thought about: your window blinds. Yes. Even they can be adjusted with a remote control or smart tablet.

Take the next step in making your Ocean City, MD, home smarter by upgrading to Lutron’s motorized blinds. Their whisper-quiet and exquisitely designed window treatments improve any room’s aesthetic while making your life more convenient. Read more to discover the benefits of installing a Lutron system in your home.

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Advanced Smart Technology

Traditional blinds, drapes, and curtains all serve their purpose. They provide some level of light and heat control. But few people enjoy adjusting their window treatments several times a day. Even though you’ve become accustomed to messing with cords and rods, maneuvering around furniture, and getting to hard-to-reach windows to adjust the blinds, you really need a better option. Lutron motorized blinds solve the problem for you.    

Smart window blinds by Lutron are well known for their advanced technology. Not only can you control them remotely, but all the wiring and electronics are hidden for a seamless design. They look sleek and function flawlessly. After installation and setup, simply adjust them with your touchpad, remote, or smartphone app. This is window blind control and home automation at its finest!

Sleek and Stylish Design

You want window blinds that are more than functional. After all, just because something is “smart” doesn’t mean it’s attractive. Lutron is one step ahead of you. Their window treatments are beautifully crafted to blend in with your rooms. They’re designed for exposed applications and can be installed without a fascia, pocket, or recess.

Sophisticated and stylish, the window treatments come in many varieties and finishes to complement your décor. From wood blinds and horizontal sheer blinds to Roman shades and roller shades, your choices are never limited. In addition, due to their ultra-quiet electronic driver technology, they operate whisper quiet.

Complete Lighting Control

If you have smart lights, then you already have a great amount of light control in your home. However, Lutron blinds and shades give you ultimate control. The motorized window lets you filter sunlight any way you want.

In addition, they also have an automated system, called Hyperion Solar-Adaptive Shading, that automatically adjust Lutron’s Sivoia shades by responding to the sun’s changing position. The system is highly effective at reducing glare, keeping out the heat, and saving energy. Control the light and temperature by taking command with your seamless Lutron blinds or shades.

Make the Right Choice for Lutron Blind Installation

As a Lutron dealer, Impact Home Technology is fully authorized and able to transform your windows by installing advanced Lutron window treatments. From design consultations to installation to programming, we are your turnkey experts in everything Lutron. That includes Lutron lighting controls as well.

Do you want to update your home by installing motorized window blinds? Reach out to our experts by calling (410) 219-3095 or filling out our online contact form. We look forward to hearing from you!

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