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Bring Your Business to Life with a Restaurant AV System

An ELAN System Makes Your Guests and Staff Happy

Bring Your Business to Life with a Restaurant AV System

Smart technology is starting to play more and more of a vital role in the guest experience in restaurants all over the world. One of the most popular ways restaurant owners are introducing this technology to their businesses is through restaurant AV systems.

You’ve worked hard to turn your Ocean City, MD restaurant into a place where your guests want to come and share a meal with one another. Why wouldn’t you want to do everything possible to ensure they have the best customer experience? In this blog post, we’re diving into why you need a restaurant AV system and what a system from ELAN can do for you.

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Why Do You Need a Restaurant AV System?

When your guests visit your restaurant, you want them to have a positive experience. Music plays a key role in setting the tone, and when you have easy control over what music plays in your restaurant—and at what volume—you can set the tone and create the atmosphere you want. Playing the right music in the right zones can properly entertain your guests in the waiting area, on the patio, or on the main dining floor and ensure they feel welcomed from the moment they step into your restaurant. Plus, having TVs strategically placed throughout your building distracts them from having to wait for a table.

Did you know that the music you play can even impact how much money your patrons spend while dining at your restaurant? If you want to create an atmosphere where guests dine and leave quickly, music with more of an upbeat tempo will encourage a faster dining experience, while slower music and more TVs encourage guests to spend more time dining with you.

Why Is ELAN the Right AV System for Your Restaurant?

You already know that playing the right music in your restaurant can improve your customer experience, but finding, installing, and using the right restaurant AV system doesn’t have to be complicated. We highly recommend installing an ELAN system because it simplifies the entire music system, giving you easy-to-use access to all your music choices, audio zones, and volume control from one platform.

The ELAN restaurant AV system is designed and optimized to provide a superior music experience for your guests and a simple operating experience for your employees. ELAN touch panels make it easier than ever for staff to have one-touch access to your entire AV system. The next time a patron asks to lower the music or change the channel, you can accommodate their request faster than ever.


Take control of your guests’ dining experience with a restaurant AV system. Impact Audio Video is ready to help. Find out if an ELAN system is right for you by giving us a call, filling out our online contact form, or chatting with an expert in the pop-up window below. We look forward to scheduling you for a free consultation!

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