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Why You Should Consider a Home Media Distribution System

Enjoy Your Favorite Entertainment in Any Room with a Button Tap

Why You Should Consider a Home Media Distribution System

Entertainment systems are commonplace in residential properties, and every homeowner and their family have different requirements from their AV system, but there are benefits to incorporating a home media distribution system in your home in Lewes, DE. A home media distribution system is designed to share all your favorite entertainment across your home so you can get music and video in any room using one remote or touchscreen. Say goodbye to setting up individual systems in every room.

If you're still not sold on the benefits of a home media distribution system, we have some more advantages below that might change your mind.

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Enhance Your Home Theater

You might have invested a lot in creating the perfect home theater setup, especially when it comes to AV technology, lighting, and seating. Still, the real test of a home theater is how seamlessly it can play content, including movies and TV shows from streaming services and media players. A media distribution system can seamlessly house all your sources, making it easy to control your content from a single remote or touchscreen—no matter where the content is coming from. 

What’s more, a media distribution system also makes it easy to play content in any room. If you’re watching a movie in the home theater and want to move to your bedroom, you can pause, walk to the bedroom, and resume where you left off using a universal remote!

Take Home Audio to the Next Level 

With a home media distribution system, you can easily listen to music in any and every room of your home that has connected speakers. From one remote or touchscreen, simply choose the music you want to listen to—whether from a streaming service or your digital collection—and choose where you want to listen! What’s more, you can enjoy different playlists, albums, or songs in different rooms simultaneously so your kids can dance to pop hits in the game room while you and your partner enjoy jazz in the dining room. Plus, when you pair a media distribution system with discreet architectural speakers, you can blanket your home with high-quality music without ever seeing the speakers!

Reduce Tech Clutter

Traditional entertainment systems can become cluttered quickly, with content sources like gaming consoles and cable boxes, remotes for TVs and speakers, webs of wire, and more. A media distribution system centralizes your content sources, amplifiers, matrix switches, and other technology in a centralized location, such as a closet, and distributes your content from one location throughout your home. All you’ll need in each room is a 4K TV screen and speakers! You’ll also eliminate that frustrating pile of remotes by controlling all your media and AV technology from one universal remote or touchscreen.

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