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Custom Seating Elevates your Home Theater Installation

Adding the Ultimate in Comfort and Luxury Creates a Cinema Experience Beyond Compare

Custom Seating Elevates your Home Theater Installation

Movies are the most immersive of art forms, translating universal ideas of emotion, conflict, and passion. While the storylines, characters, and multidimensional audio draw you in, the room’s environment has the power to enhance every moment.

The atmosphere, ambiance, and comfort of your home theater installation create a sense of anticipation before a film starts. Whether your style is more modern minimalism or leans toward eclectic gilded lushness, the details of the room should elevate your expectations. Custom seating furnishes you with the ultimate luxury viewing while accommodating the changing dynamics of your family. 

Are you ready to explore the possibilities for your home in the Selbyville, DE area? Then continue reading below to learn more. 

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Comfort Configured To You

Private cinemas are often built to reproduce the look and feel of upscale movie theaters, providing the thrill of going out while staying home. For many, this is the ideal design that allows one to be immersed in the action, if but for an hour or two. 

If your family is filled with distracted teenagers and younger children, it is essential to provide them the space to sprawl out, fidget, lay down, or prop themselves up on pillows. With the ability to choose seating configurations and customizable options, everyone in your household can find the optimal position without causing others to lose focus on the storyline on the screen. 

Amazing Amenities

While the audiovisual technology is stunning, custom seating makes your room the pinnacle of home entertainment. Your chairs provide everything from creating unparalleled comfort to easy access to snacks. Picture yourself sinking into the memory foam construction topped by fabrics and leather sourced from world-class textiles mills. Add heating, motorized reclining, and adjustable headrests; you always have the perfect viewing angle and feel the stress melt away. 

Even while you are drawn into other worlds, times, and adventures, your ability to manage and monitor your smart home is never far away. With dedicated tablet holders available for our theater seating, complete control of your environment is available at the touch of a button. Is the room too cold? Call up the HVAC page, adjust the temperature, or pull up different content. 

Please Be Seated

Are you ready to take your cinema experience to the next level with custom theater seating? Relax as the lights dim and the story begins in your theater knowing you have the ultimate luxury and comfort. To start the conversation, call us at 410-219-3095 or fill out our online questionnaire. We look forward to working with you.