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3 Benefits of a Luma Surveillance System

Protect Your Ocean City Home with a Premium Surveillance System

3 Benefits of a Luma Surveillance System

Nothing is more important than home security. Home safety means increased protection for your family and personal belongings that you worked so hard for. The best way to keep your Ocean City, MD, home secure is to invest in a surveillance system that makes home security easy and seamless. 

Luma surveillance systems are designed for homeowners seeking peace of mind that their homes and families are safe. That’s why Luma’s intuitive design is easy to use, allowing homeowners to access live feed, flip through and search old footage, and integrate with the rest of their smart homes. Here are three benefits of a Luma Surveillance System.

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1. Remote Control

A quality home surveillance system is even more crucial when you’re away from home. You want a surveillance system that gives you just as much control over your home when you’re away as it does when sitting in your living room. Luma has a mobile app and a desktop for complete remote control over your home.

Luma’s video management system is available on desktop and allows you to see a live feed from every one of your home’s sites and cameras. The Luma app for Apple and Android devices also allows users to see the live feed from their cameras and play back video feed to stay updated on what’s happening in and around their homes. It’s good for security and a great way to check up on kids and pets. 

2. Advanced Playback

Luma takes classic surveillance footage playback to a new level on their desktop video management system. Users can not only seamlessly search through footage, but they can also take screenshots, fast forward, pause, rewind, and snip videos from one easy-to-use platform. These features mean that you can use the footage from your surveillance cameras to capture memories as well as keep your home secure. 

3. Complete Integration

And while Luma’s desktop and mobile applications are intuitively designed and easy to use, users can also control Luma cameras and recorders with various smart home automation platforms. Luma integrates with platforms like Crestron, Savant, Control4, and more. So you’ll be able to control your home surveillance system on the same platform that you control your home audio, lighting, and more.

Installing a premium surveillance system means less time spent worrying about your home and more time making memories with your family. In addition, Luma provides the peace of mind that your home is safe, whether in your home or away.

If you want to add a Luma surveillance system to your Ocean City, MD, home, contact Impact Home Technology, your local Luma dealer. Our team of professionals will design and install a series of surveillance cameras that work to protect your home, so you can spend more time doing the things that matter.