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Lutron Shades: The Ultimate Solution for Motorized Window Treatments

Enhance your comfort, convenience, and energy efficiency in your home with Lutron

Lutron Shades: The Ultimate Solution for Motorized Window Treatments

Your home is filled with smart technologies. From smart TVs and computers to smartphones, smart appliances, and smartwatches - you probably don’t realize how dependent you are on them and how much comfort and convenience they add to your life. But what about window treatments? Did you know that you can also make them smarter? 

While many brands offer smart motorized shades, Lutron is one brand that is loved by homeowners the most. Lutron shades offer incredible convenience, aesthetics, and functionality. Put them in your home, and you’ll change your rooms and your lifestyle. Read on to discover why Lutron is the ultimate solution for motorized window treatments for your home in Rehoboth, DE. 

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Optimal Comfort with Solar-Adaptive Technology

Got your hands full? No problem! Lutron uses solar-adaptive technology that automatically operates the shades according to the sun’s position throughout the day. As a result, your home stays comfortable at all times. When the sun is at its peak and shining brightly, the shades automatically roll down to eliminate glare and reduce the temperature indoors. 

The company also offers a Radio Window Sensor that works in conjunction with solar-adaptive technology to maximize natural daylight. The hands-free operation ensures all the shades at home function without you even lifting a finger. Of course, because these are smart shades, you can always adjust their position at any time according to your preferences. 

Increased Energy Efficiency

Lutron is known for being an eco-friendly brand. With Lutron’s smart window treatments, you can considerably reduce your home’s power consumption. Besides offering shade automation and UV protection, the motorized shades also regulate temperature and illuminate your home with natural daylight, reducing the energy consumed by the lighting and climate control systems. 

For instance, when it is hot outside, the shades roll down and block the summer heat. On the other hand, when the weather gets chilly, the shades rise, allowing the sun’s heat to warm your rooms. 

Aesthetically Pleasing 

Window treatments play an important role in the aesthetics of your home. With Lutron shades, you enhance the beauty of any room. The motorized shades can be customized to match your home decor. Choose from a wide range of fabrics, colors, and patterns. 

The sleek and modern design adds flair to the interior, making it the ultimate solution for your home. But there’s more. Besides the shades adding to the beauty, the contemporary wall switches and dimmers also serve to add an aesthetic appeal to your home. Like the shades, these wall switches can also be customized to match your interior. 


Make your home more comfortable, energy-efficient, and beautified with Lutron shades. Impact Home Technology is a certified dealer of Lutron and can help you determine the best window treatments for your home. Start your project today by giving us a call at 410-219-3095. You can also send us queries by filling out an easy online contact form