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How to Revitalize Your Lighting Design with Lutron

Take Advantage of Intuitive Control of Your Lights and Shades

How to Revitalize Your Lighting Design with Lutron

Any interior designer or architect will tell you how important lighting design is to crafting a beautiful environment in your Salisbury, MD, home. There are benefits beyond aesthetics as well, with the right design providing additional safety and comfort for your space. How can you ensure you’re getting the most out of your natural and superficial light?

Each space is different, which is why we work with Lutron, which offers various ways to manage natural and artificial light. Here we'll outline some of their main features and products to help you find the upgrades which make the most sense depending on your family’s lifestyle and your home’s unique style.

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Lighting Fixtures

An excellent way to add depth to your lighting design is to have fixture variety. Though most of your lighting will come through recessed lights — available in various shapes and sizes — we recommend a few accent points as well. Add sconces, pendants and strip lighting to bring out your home’s best features.

Keep in mind what you want your fixtures to do well. Expand beyond on-off varieties with dimmable fixtures that also change color temperature. Not only is it easier to find the ideal lighting for different activities, but small adjustments can quickly transform your home's aesthetics as well.

Keypads & Dimmers

For some clients, expanding their fixtures is intimidating since they’re worried about dealing with additional switches. Refine your lighting design seamlessly by incorporating some of Lutron’s elegant keypads.

Lutron’s vast array of keypads access your personal settings, manage multiple fixtures simultaneously, and even control shades and audio. Make them your own by customizing buttons with commands you use most. The Palladiom, GRAFIK-T, and Architrave lines offer an array of colors, finishes and configurations.   

Motorized Shades

In the previous section, we mentioned Lutron keypads also integrate shades. Not only are they vital as accents to your décor, but motorized shades let you manage natural light for added wellbeing, comfort and security.

Outfit your home with a wide range of functional roller shades, varying in color and fabric openness, to match your needs. A fabric with more openness and darker colors will let in more light, while full-on blackout shades are available for home theater or bedroom applications.

Other models are available to spruce up your interior design as well. There is a wide range of shades, drapes, and blinds from Lutron. All come in your choice of color, size, and fabric. Many people choose to add drapes to their family rooms, wooden blinds to kitchens, and Roman shades in the dining room.

Centralized Control

All of Lutron’s fixtures and smart shading lines exist within their whole home lighting control systems. Along with the keypads mentioned above, you can easily adjust the natural and artificial light using a mobile app, dedicated touchpad, or even motion sensors. Not only does this make it easier to pull up your favorite settings at any time, but with the app, you can do so even when you're not home!

With Lutron, you’ll enjoy a layered lighting solution that is easy to manage on a day-to-day basis. Have any questions on how to add Lutron’s latest features to your home? Reach out to us by calling 410-219-3095, filling out our contact form or chatting with us on the bottom right.

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