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Create a Comfortable and Relaxing Entertainment Space

Upgrade Your Home Theater Furniture with Salamander Designs

Create a Comfortable and Relaxing Entertainment Space

Your home cinema’s audiovisual technology is a significant component to the movie-viewing experience in your Salisbury, MD living space. But your level of comfort while watching a film or show is just as important. That’s why upgrading your home theater furniture is a key step in the home theater installation or process.

In this blog, we’ll dive into Salamander Designs’ top seating and furniture offerings, so you can decide which ones are the right fit for your home theater. Keep reading below to find out more about these solutions and enjoy your entertainment space in a brand-new way.

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Seating Comfort and Customization

With Salamander seating, your comfort is of the utmost importance. All seats are long-lasting and durable so you can kick back and relax for years to come. With a strategic head, lumbar, leg, and foot support included in every design, you won’t have to strain your neck or eyes to view your screen. You can rest your body and legs in either an upright or reclined position – it’s up to you.

Did you know you can customize your seating design as well? Create a seating setup that works perfectly for your theater room or area, no matter the sizing. Choose different fabrics, colors, materials, and designs to create the seating you’ve always envisioned for your space or one that matches your interior design.

You’ll end up with personalized pieces that complement your theater’s entire design and décor. Now, watching your next blockbuster will be as simple as kicking back and pressing a button for your entire home theater system to turn on and meet your every need.

Choose a Configuration

While you can pick and create a customized seating design, you can also decide how you’d like the seats to be arranged or configured. There are several configurations to choose from for your theater. The single, loveseat, and modular straight (two or more seats) setups are perfect for smaller spaces or if you intend to use your cinema for just you and your family and not for a larger group of guests.

Alternatively, you can pair these with a longer sectional option that is a blend of loveseats and the modular straights – including cupholders in every other seat. If your space allows for it, a modular wedge is comprised of two or more seats and bends to create a semi-circle, giving the viewing area a more comfy, theatrical feel.

Seating You Can Rely On

Every Salamander seat is built to endure the years and wear and tear ahead of them. With top-quality materials including premium-grade leather, multi-layer foam cushioning, and strong framework, you’ll feel the effortless support and cozy surrounding of a seat you won’t find even in standard commercial theaters.

Want to learn more about the seating and furniture you can find at Salamander Designs? Our team of experts can help with every design decision and installation. Even add an ottoman, end-table, or swivel tablet with ease! Just give us a call or fill out our online contact form to schedule a no-obligation consultation with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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