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3 Surefire Ways to Hide Your TV (and Enhance Your Home’s Beauty)

These Hidden TV Solutions Add Style and Space to Any Room in Your Home

3 Surefire Ways to Hide Your TV (and Enhance Your Home’s Beauty)

These days, owning at least one TV is as common as owning a refrigerator. Most, if not all, homes across Berlin and the rest of Maryland are outfitted with a TV in the family room, media room, kitchen, bedroom—you name it. And while TVs are not going away anytime soon, their intrusive presence can certainly disturb your home’s aesthetic when they’re not in use.

Instead of settling for what looks like black eyesores across your home, transform your displays to blend in with your home décor when they’re turned off! The solution is easier than you might think. Keep reading to explore three hidden TV solutions that add style and space to any room in your home.

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Samsung Frame TV

The Samsung Frame TV (pictured above) cleverly disguises itself as artwork when it’s not in use, simulating a framed picture or painting that adds beauty to the room it’s in. View your favorite content in QLED 4K UHD while the TV is turned on, and then watch as the screen turns right back into stunning artwork as soon as you turn it off. The Frame TV is perfect for adding beauty to your smart home and using wall space efficiently wherever you desire both entertainment and décor.

Choose from a white, black, beige, or brown frame to perfectly match your space, and change the displayed artwork whenever you want. You can select curated collections from Samsung’s Art Store or even use your own family photos to show when your TV is turned off. No matter what you decide to display, Samsung’s unique Quantum Dot technology delivers incredible brightness and over a billion shades of color for top-quality photos and artwork.

Mirror TV

Another ingenious hidden TV solution that adds beauty to your home is the mirror TV. Perfect for over the fireplace or in a master bedroom, the mirror TV is—you guessed it—a mirror when turned off and a stunning TV display when turned on.

Though there are specific brands that sell mirror TVs for the home, our team at Impact Home Technology can create a mirror TV for your space with any choice of TV brand you desire. We craft your mirror TV in-house so that you can design or purchase any mirror frame solution that best fits your style. Choose from hundreds of frame possibilities and elevate your space with a top-quality 4K display that disguises as a beautifully framed mirror when turned off.

Hideaway TV Lifts

Sometimes the size of your space or the furniture placement in a certain area of your home makes it difficult to permanently display the TV screen you want. Instead of forcing a TV display to work around your furniture and décor, our team can install a pop-up or ceiling TV lift to reveal and conceal your display with the touch of a button.

We work with Nexus21, a leading manufacturer in motorized TV lifts, to create the ideal viewing environment for any size room and TV screen. Lower your display from inside the ceiling, lift it out from underneath the floor or inside a piece of furniture, and even install it outdoors for patio viewing. Your TV will smoothly and soundlessly reveal itself whenever you’re ready to watch a movie and then slide back into hiding when you’re done.

Get creative with your displays with a Samsung Frame TV, mirror TV, or a Nexus21 lift! We can deliver a combination of all these solutions to your home in a way that best fits your interior design. To get started, contact our team by filling out our online contact form or send us a live chat below. We look forward to assisting you!

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