Projectors still offer the best solution when bigger is better. JVC projectors offer some of the best video quality in the industry. JVC combines the best of video, size, and value for a true theater experience. That is why we have chosen JVC projectors.



Home control is now easier than ever with devices like the iPhone, iPad, and Android devices which provide the ability to control from the home or an alternate location. Imagine walking in the door of your home and with one quick press, setting your home to the home mode. The home mode is custom programmed to your needs. Lighting areas, adjusting the thermostat, selecting your favorite playlist, and operating the alarm system are just a sampling of the possibilities that are available simply by pressing home.

Goodnight can be programmed to turn off all televisions, music, and lighting while leaving on any specific lights desired by the family to serve as night lights. Exterior cameras can be programmed to alert the family if the cameras sense external motion. The HVAC system can operate at the highest efficiency while providing the maximum comfort temperature at the appropriate times. An infinite number of solutions are available with our home automation systems providing convenience, piece of mind, energy savings and ease of use throughout your home.

Vacation mode is an excellent control avenue for a second home. Adjusting the thermostat to your preferences before you arrive is a simple click. Receiving a text or an email triggered by camera activation is certainly a great security measure. These are just a few examples of how many 2ND homeowners use our systems to monitor and add convenience to the pride of multiple home ownerships.



Whether you are searching for a recliner, a loveseat, or a 16 seat theater we offer many different options. Stylish selections include leather or microfiber, motorized or manual all available in a variety of color choices. 4D Theater seating presents a complete experience option. Visit our showroom for a demonstration to feel the impact of a thundering seat.



Impact has always been known as company offering exceptional service. Marantz and Yamaha offer an industry leading 3 year warranty and share our passion to deliver exceptional products. That is why we have chosen Marantz and Yamaha receivers.

Marantz and Yamaha offer our customers a complete full featured lineup. From basic 5.1 surround sound to 3 zone multi room audio systems, these manufacturers have what you are looking for. Our system designers will design a system to maximize the value of this important piece of the system. Room characteristics, speaker size, speaker type, and desired use are all factors to be considered when choosing your appropriate system.