Televisions are often the focal point of many different rooms in the home. Our custom mirror tv series enhances elegance while enjoying all the modern capabilities of current televisions. Our custom mirror TV series enhances the elegance of any room while offering all the features that today’s televisions can provide. Our mirror TVS are available in all sizes with a selection of over 100 custom frames to choose from. The end result is a combination of presenting a beautiful custom framed mirror or enjoying all the benefits the modern television with a single click. This creates an incredible addition to any home providing multiple functions and style coupled in a single space.


That’s right, 100% invisible speakers. Stealth Acoustics, a leading sound company has perfected technology which provides all of the benefits associated with large speakers while providing sound that seems to originate from thin air. The end result is a superior sound with absolutely zero visible evidence of speakers anywhere. Homeowner studies concluded people wanted an incredible sound with the least visual distraction possible. Many audio companies began designing and producing smaller speakers in response to this, however speaker size does influence sound quality. Stealth Acoustics has developed a fantastic product delivering a high quality sound experience with a completely invisible speaker. This unique process is accomplished by installing a large speaker panel with a paintable surface mounted in the wall. Matching paint or most wall papers are used to finish the mounting areas to perfection. Visit our showroom to experience this first hand.

feature-windowtreatmentsWINDOW TREATMENTS

Impact Home Technology is now offering a large selection of Motorized shades, blinds, and drapes. The fact is window treatments are the most effective way to control natural light entering a room with windows. Television viewing is only one benefactor of controlling light. Homeowners can enjoy their fantastic views all day every day with proper shading control.

Lower energy costs are another advantage of quality window treatments. Most shades provide twice the energy savings of triple pain glass. Whether you wish to maximize your Television experience, energy savings or creating privacy, adding shades to your home is an excellent avenue to add value to your home in a variety of ways. Window treatments can be added to a home automation system. They can be programmed to open or close at any time customized to specific needs.

feature-lightingLIGHTING CONTROL

The light switch was invented in 1884, and provided homeowners with only two choices of FULL BRIGHT or FULL DARK. It is amazing to think that 130 years later most new homes continue to limit a family’s home to these two choices.

Your home’s lighting system should be able to provide convenience, security, and the ability to transform the lighting to fit any situation or time of day with one easy press. The fact is different tasks require different amounts of light. Most people would not recommend dining in an operating room or operating in a dining room.

If given a choice of having 4 or 5 switches mounted in your custom backsplash or a color matched keypad capable of adjusting all of those lights at once which would you prefer. Lighting systems offer scenes such as cooking, dining, clean up, or even late night snack that transform the light to the exact desired amount for any task. When finished turning off all of those lights can be as simple as pressing all off or goodnight.

Convenience is just one reason that makes lighting control a smart choice for 21st century families. Peace of mind is also achieved as exterior and pathway lighting are automatically activated at dusk. Always arrive home to a well lit and welcoming environment. The system even compliments your home security system by providing exterior full flash which visually alerts POLICE, FIRE DEPARTMENTS, and NEIGHBORS increasing response times.

Lighting systems can also IMPACT your wallet (but in a good way). Dimmers, Occupancy Sensors, and Astronomical Timers are examples of numerous options that can be integrated to obtain energy savings. Visit our showroom to experience Lighting System advantages or call for more information.


Activity based remote controls provide a single device that can control your audio and video equipment in very simple terms. imagine the ability to easily control all your components even if located behind cabinet doors or in closets. Choosing an activity such as WATCH CABLE TV, WATCH A MOVIE or LISTENING TO MUSIC will automatically activate components, and adjust surround sound to the proper settings. Watching TV has never been easier.