Premium Outdoor Speakers for Superior Sound Fidelity in Ocean City, Bishopville, or Salisbury, MD

Outdoor Speakers Ocean City MD | Bishopville | SalisburyThe world-class outdoor speakers provided and installed by Impact Home Technology are ideal for any homeowners in Ocean City, Bishopville, and Salisbury, Maryland that appreciate superior sound quality wherever they go. Engineered by leading manufacturer Niles Audio, these products project sound in a 360-degree arc for better sound in all directions without a reduction in fidelity.

What’s more, our systems can be configured to match your outdoor décor to ensure that they are hidden and do not compromise your yard or patio’s aesthetic. You’ll also have numerous options when you turn to Impact Home Technology for outdoor speakers in Ocean City, Bishopville, or Salisbury, MD. Our offerings include:

  • Planter loudspeakers – These outdoor speakers are built into the lining of normal, fully functional planters, allowing for sound to come from an unexpected source and ensuring that your speakers blend perfectly in an outside setting.
  • Rock loudspeakers – Our rock speakers are a weatherproof option that have hardened exterior casings designed to resemble various attractive natural rock types like coral, sandstone, shale, and granite.
  • In-ground speakers – Our garden in-ground subwoofers are speakers that can be buried in any outdoor area without sacrificing sound quality or compromising the visual appeal of your patio, yard, or lanai.

Plus, all of our outdoor speakers will be installed carefully by our highly skilled technicians to ensure that they operate as intended and will never succumb to damage from the elements. Our attention to detail and professional work has helped us earn the respect of the communities we serve as well as the Best of Home Electronics award from Coastal Styles magazine for the last two years in a row.

For additional information about our outdoors speakers and the many options available to homeowners in Ocean City, Bishopville, and Salisbury, MD, contact Impact Home Technology today.