TV Installation, Surround Sound System Installation & Home Automation Systems for Homeowners in Ocean City, Bishopville, Salisbury, MD & All Neighboring Communities

Home Automation Ocean City MDAs a homeowner, you want to be sure that the professionals you rely on for home automation systems, surround sound system installation, and TV installation have the equipment and know-how needed to provide you with solutions that will make your life easier for years to come. Fortunately, homeowners in Ocean City, Bishopville, Salisbury, Maryland, and all nearby communities can turn to Impact Home Technology. A locally-owned and -operated company based in the Delmarva Peninsula, Impact Home Technology is dedicated to making “Your Life Simplified” through the installation of intuitive home electronics. We offer a comprehensive array of home automation systems, including products that can help you to control your air conditioning, window shades, door locks, audiovisual equipment, and lighting with the push of a button. In addition to offering all of these systems à la carte, we can also integrate them in to a comprehensive Entertainment and Control System using advanced home control technology from Elan. This solution will allow you to control all of your home’s systems with a single, easy-to-use pictorial interface that will grant you complete remote mastery over your entire house.

Further adding to your quality of life, we offer an impressive selection of premium TVs and TV installation services, including a wide selection of popular brands – like Samsung TVs – in 4k Ultra HD. Within this inventory you’ll even find curved TVs, innovative new products which maximize effective viewing area by making it easier to get a great quality image when seen from any angle. Plus, we also offer our exclusive TV mirrors.  We can equip a wide variety of TVs with customized exterior frames and screen covers that function as mirrors when the television is off, allowing your new TV to blend in seamlessly with the décor of your home.

In order to complete your home entertainment experience, Impact Home Technology is also proud to offer surround sound system products and installation, including everything from concealed outdoor speakers to a number of powerful cabinet speakers. We even offer a line of “invisible” speakers from Stealth Acoustics, which offer the performance of traditional cabinet speakers but install out of sight in the walls of your home, providing the same clear sound without the unsightly appearance.

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Home Theater Design Services, Media Furniture & Lighting Control Systems Can Help to Create an Ideal Viewing Experience in Ocean City, Bishopville & Salisbury, MD

TV Installation Ocean City MDIn addition to providing you with TVs, surround sound systems, and all the products you need to fully automate your home, Impact Home Technology is also proud to offer home theater design services, media furniture, and lighting control systems to help you create an engaging viewing atmosphere. Whether you want a complete, movie-theater style viewing area added to your home or are looking to improve your existing TV room, we have a wide array of products available to help you realize your desires. In addition to our Ultra HD televisions and surround sound systems, our team offers and installs digital projectors from JVC, as well theater-style seats complete with built-in recliners and cup holders. Our selection of media furniture also includes AV cabinets from leading manufacturer Salamander Designs, whose products are built with numerous useful features like hidden tracks for running cables and integrated cooling systems to ensure that your audiovisual equipment always looks and runs great.

You’ll even be able to set the mood for your movie viewing or other daily activities with our advanced lighting control systems, which will allow you to turn on, dim, and turn off lights throughout your home remotely. These systems also enable you to save settings for different activities or times of day, allowing your home lighting to be truly automated and provide you with the perfect amount of light for any given moment.

To learn more about how our home automation, surround sound system, or TV installation services can help to simplify your life, contact Impact Home Technology or visit our showroom in Ocean City today. We’re proud to serve homeowners in Ocean City, Bishopville, and Salisbury, MD, as well as nearby communities throughout Delmarva Peninsula.